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Ritchie Baptist Church
Photo Gallery: Removing and Installing new carpet
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Removing and Installing new carpet
Plush carpet
Viewed 1134 times
Viewed 1029 times
The Drum area
Viewed 1026 times
Viewed 977 times
Communion Table
Viewed 991 times
Re-install the Pews
Viewed 985 times
Fellowship hall
Viewed 919 times
Fellowship Hall new carpet
Viewed 900 times
Fellowship Hall 5/16/2012
Viewed 906 times
Fellowship hall
Viewed 887 times
The view from the front of the church
Viewed 949 times
laying the carpet
Viewed 854 times
Trimming against the door
Viewed 925 times
Smooth the carpet
Viewed 892 times
Checking all the seams
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